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From Daddyo-31:

Thank you Guys. No words can describe how grateful I am. I don't care about morals anymore, screw them. I needed a solution for my family, so I did what I had to do. My wife just lost her job, and now because of this fucking virus, they suspended me also. I've got a family to feed. Of course I won't tell my wife about this... but I bookmarked your site, and I'll be back for more, even after this pandemic situation. You are not criminals, in my eyes you are Robin Hoods of the 21st century. Thank you. ;) - Ricardo

From AdaMiX:

Hi guys, 5 star service.I'm no IT guy, I used a borrowed laptop to do the stuff you mentioned in the guide, but it worked just as described, it's really an easy task if you follow the bulletpoints. I just hope poor Cecilia [REMOVED] didn't get mad xDDD. But paypal compensates the owner every time, so in the end I stole the money from paypal, and not from this woman.
So I had no regrets. I have a good amount of money, soon she will have it back from paypal, so everyone is happy. A little bit dark story, but with a happy ending xD.
Cheerio! <3

From Joe92:

hey guys,

just wanna let you know I successfully managed to complete the transaction. +++ service!

From Q:

To be honest, I was skeptical at first (and a little bit afraid as well), so I bought the smallest account for a starter. It took awhile for the data to arrive (guess the network was slow?) but it's definitely worth my time. I'll order one with a higher balance, just after finishing this message.


From AlphaMail:

YOu are the BEST, man!!!! Saved a life of a poor college student!! Cannot thank you enough!!

From Dark Citizen:

First of all, I want to apologize you guys for the previous negative message I sent you. I was impatient and got panicked when the mail didn't arrive immediately. Sorry again, please accept my apology. My data is here now, works perfectly, now I'm in the process of cashing it out. Everything went well, you'll have a long term customer here. Feel free to post this feedback to your page, if you wish. Paypal World rocks!:)

From Messi_Unbroni:

A service that WORKS. No bs, no waiting in lines... for me, this is really the best place on tor. Nuff said, keep up the good work.

From fka9347:

Although I have some morale issues cashing out somebody else's PP acc, I guess when you really in the need of money, you don't care about morals. Thank you for this service.

From PartyWorld:

Thank you PPW, I don't know how you do it, but thank you. Will be back for more! :D :D :D
We made a big party last night, funded by this money. Of course I couldn't tell my mates how I did it, but that's how. PartyWorld it was! :D

From Stamper:

The Paypal World is the single greatest thing I found on the internet. I dunno if it'ss good or bad that only a few people knows this place (and the tor network), but I don't care: _I_ know it, _I_ use it, and doesn't give a shit about others. As long as sites like this exists, I don not have to work anymore. ;)

From AccessMan23:

Heeeeey... cashed out the accounts you gave me... so far, so good! I would definitely buy you guys a pizza or a beer (hell, I would even cook for you :) ), but I understand it is better for the both of us to stay anonymous. Anyway guys, I owe you a beer, I will drink one today for you!!! Cheers!!


From Alrahim_DB:

I want to thank you for your Paypal account. Everything good, the PDF work well outside America, too.
I am honored.
Sorry for my poor english, I am not american.
Paypal World: ++++++++

From BobbyD:

My friend recommended this site, I gave it a try. And er... the reason I will not recommend you to other friends of mine is that I (to be honest) don't want them to know how I get money for myself... otherwise I must say... WOW!
I hope you'll stay in business for a long long time! I am a returning customer now.

- BobbyD


Thank you everybody for your kind words.
-- Paypal World team