Who are we?

We are a small group of hackers with a sophisticated botnet behind us - this is how we get our accounts. We have our own working zombie-network, each member of this network is a private PC somewhere in the world. Our 'worm' is logging keystrokes, logins and passwords on the hosts, and sending these infos directly to us.
This is all you need to know.
We are a familiar name within the TOR system, even Softpedia wrote articles about us. (See below.)
We changed a little since then, simplified our service for the benefit of everyone. And yes... we had problems in the past, so we're only working with Paypal accounts for now, no more credit card stuff.

How do I order?

It's simple. First of all, we don't need registrations anymore. (It's a waste of everyone's time, this is an anonymous network anyway.)

All you have to do is click on "Board" to browse our available accounts. Please select the account you wanna buy, and click "Buy it"! The buying procedure will then begin! You'll have to enter your e-mail (preferably a temporary) address: this will be the address where the account infos will arrive to! After you enter your e-mail address, our system will calculate the current bitcoin price of the account (using the MTGox API for this), and will give you a bitcoin address to transfer the funds to.
From this point our Bitcoin-daemon starts watching this address, it will watch it until the payment arrives. After 3 confirmations the BTC-daemon (our custom Lazy API) will consider the payment done, and trigger the system to send your data to the e-mail address you've given.
To prevent double-selling, if you start buying an account, it's state will change to "Locked", so nobody else can buy it. If no payment is made within 2 hours, the account will be unlocked again, allowing others to buy it. If an account is sold (the transaction is fully completed) it'll disappear from the public list for good.
If you're satisfied with the system, please tell a few words about your experience after checkout, and allow us to share it with the others.

Are you guys legit?

Well, we guess a simple 'yes' won't satisfy you.
We're no teenagers here, as we stated 5 lines above, even Softpedia wrote articles about us. (Check this link for example).
In the past few months, we had some 'problems' with authorities... but now we're BACK!
We know our prices are a bit higher than 'usual', but there is a price if you don't want to be scammed.

The number of scammers has risen well these days, so here are a few tips to avoid them:

1. Can a guy who can't code a simple php system defeats paypal?
We don't think so, and hopefully you don't think so! Don't trust shady services and 'websites' that clearly written by someone
who doesn't know shit about coding and programming. Sites that can be made in 5 minutes with Microsoft Word... gosh!

2. Does a scammer invest in building a strong system?
Again, no. A scammer doesn't know anything about complicated systems, he/she wants one thing only: your money, and fast!

So it's time for somebody to step up and 'bring order to chaos' here!

What will I get for my money?

You will have:
- A working Paypal Account with the desired balance on it
- A matching socks5 proxy server
- BASIC instructions on how to cash it out. (It means we won't send you a step-by-step tutorial. We'll give you the guidelines and a few good tips, but it's up to you what you'll do with them. It's not hard to cash these out, though.)

If you have all these accounts, why are you selling it, why not cash out yourself?

Because cashing them out all at once would raise high suspicion. We had our problems with the authorities before, and don't wanna make the same mistake again. If you cash out 4 or 5 accounts a month, it is OK. If you cash out 100-200, that will raise serious suspicion. It's better business for us to sell these to individual people, who can really cash them out.

If you have questions not mentioned here, please do contact us on Torchat.
We're constantly updating this FAQ.

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